Halfway through 2016 we thought about applying for a post-grad masters course as a duo as this would enable us to concentrate on painting, to expand our skills and develop ideas through focused study. But after doing some research we quickly realised that we wouldn’t be able to afford the fees and even if we could, we wouldn’t be able to afford the time. So what’s the alternative? How else could we get the benefits of a full-time course without actually having to do one?

Could we construct our own course framework to fit our current life situations? Could we invent an alternative art school at which we would be the only students? Our work is about collaboration so we thought why not make the whole process a wide-ranging collaborative exchange which could somehow involve the multitude of talented artists with which we have the pleasure to be acquainted. These artists and creatives are to become our ‘tutors’ for a short time. They will look at our work and set us a painting task which will challenge us and provoke enquiry into how and why we do what we do. We think this process will give us a unique opportunity to assess what works and what doesn’t work, before moving on.

Alice 003 2016 Oil on Canvas 30x30cm

Throughout this process we want to engage with as many people as possible, to listen and gather their views on the subject, because everyone loves art and those that don’t, have an opinion about it. We would like to encourage everyone to get involved and become part of the conversation.

Our first project has been set by painter and performance artist Shaun Caton, more about that coming soon.

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Henry Fonda 2017 30x30cm Oil on panel
Thanks to ANTHONY LYCETT for the use of the photo KEELERTORNERO in the studio. www.anthonylycett.com